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Part of the Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2 book signing and gallery show/charity auction, opening Saturday, June 21st 2014, at Gallery Nucleus. Preview prints available HERE.

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smiling Jongin gifset requested by kim-jongiin and kaicecream

Team members, even though I’m inadequate in many areas, I’m thankful for your trust and for following me. Though individuality is important, but for the team, I hope we will become an outstanding GOT7. The hardship & exhaustion we experience now is for more things to happen in the future. Hence we will give stress to each other; this is for GOT7 too. Enduring it for GOT7, and concentrating on working harder; I hope we will become this kind of GOT7. Let’s work harder to become outstanding GOT7. I love you all." - JB (x)

baby: a- a- a-
parents: oh, the baby's first words!!
baby: a- aaa- al-
parents: apple?? air??
baby: a- al- al-
baby: Alchemy. The science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art; it is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the Law of Equivalent Exchange, the basis of all alchemy. In accordance with this law, there is a taboo among alchemists: human transmutation is strictly forbidden - for what could equal the value of a human soul...?
Ascendent & Physical Appearance (from my personal experience)
Aries: rather masculine, nice arched eyebrows, strong jawstructure
Taurus: doe eyes, tan easily, womanly bodies, thick hair
Gemini: petite, youthful looks, long limbs, crooked smiles
Cancer: baby faces, fragile bodies, round faces and watery eyes
Leo: awesome strong hair, friendly feautures, one milliond dollar smiles
Virgo: prominent noses, sad puppy eyes, healthy bodyweight
Libra: feminine symmetrical faces, no prominent features, very balanced
Scorpio: reptilian eyes, nice skin, memorable / outstanding feautures
Sagittarius: friendly, ageless faces, strong legs
Capricorn: mature faces, nice cheekbones, compact bodies
Aquarius: long limbs, sleepy eyes, big smiles
Pisces: small eyes.. ?? anything is possible with pisces
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Is that a dishwasher?

no, that’s just an xbox one. it just looks a bit funny. must be customized…

track name tae
play count 23


  • Day 13: Best singer?

/)w(\ most definitely taehyung HE NEEDS MORE PARTS PLEASE. THATS ALL I ASK. before you press play make sure your volume isn’t that loud~~~ I don’t want you to hurt your ears or get startled~~~

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